OBR Investing

These guides will take you through the basics of how to navigate the world of stocks; what is a stock, what is a bear market and a bull market, what is an exchange, and what causes the prices of stocks to change. These guides will also help you develop your own personal investment style and become confident in deciding what to invest in. This is a great place to start or even refresh your knowledge over the vast world of stocks.

Learning Path

This section goes over some essential stock market terms and ideas. The market is a vast topic and may be overwhelming for beginners, but this section will provide some clarity and leave you with a solid starting point to your trading/investing career.

Stock Market Basics

In order to trade stock and options you must open an account with a Brokerage Firm. There are many different brokerages and it can be confusing when trying to pick the right one. Here we compare a handful of the top brokerage firms to give you a starting point when deciding on which firm to use.

Brokerage Firms

This guide goes over the 11 major sectors of the Stock Market. The market is divided into sectors so that investors can diversify their portfolios and reduce risk by holding multiple different types of companies. Additionally, you can look at Sector Heat Maps to visualize rotations in the stock market

Stock Market Sectors