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Welcome to OBR’s Cryptocurrency Education Guide. In this continuously growing guide, we will implement multiple parts of educational content covering cryptocurrency and its fundamental properties.

Learning Path

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency often used to contend with global fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar or the British pound. This section will cover its practicality and fundamental properties and educate you on this relatively new and ever growing asset.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

This introduction will help readers understand these digital assets and its functionality. To begin, we will be going over some of the basic principles that define a cryptocurrency, as well as a brief overview of the technology, its use cases, and its future in financial markets. 

Market Sector

Finally, we will be covering some of the most utilized technology within the cryptocurrency asset class. The goal of this guide is to help users understand how digital assets function and operate in the real world.

Cryptocurrency Technology

Cryptocurrency staking resources – I encourage you to read Cryptocurrency Guide Pt. 4 “Staking” before utilizing any of these links.

Coinbase – Binance U.S. – Binance – Kraken – Huobi – Bitfinex – Trust Wallet – Daeudalus – Exodus – Defillama


Token Transfer Networks are amongst some of the most important inventions in all of Cryptocurrency. Without modern day ERC-20, BEP-2/BEP-20 tokens, Cryptocurrency may look completely different. Below are some links referencing the content in this educational guide.


ERC-20  –  BEP-20  –  BEP-2  –  TRC-20  –  OMNI 

Token Transfer Networks

In this educational guide, we will be going over NFTs. Though it may seem a bit confusing to the average person, I am confident that at the end of this presentation you will have a better understanding of what an NFT is and why it has value.

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